Hello! Flowers Bar STHLM here!
We are a flower studio with big love for nature and a mission to bring more of it into your everyday life!
Whether you're buying a bouquet for your home, setting the mood for an event, or buying a gift for a loved ones, we've got you covered!
Not having a storefront helps us to reduce the cost of our services and focus purely on the design and quality of our arrangements.
Our passion is to enhance the natural beauty of flowers - think wild meadows, coastal walks and fresh, vibrant colors. We love unusual textures and always try to buy in unusual looking flowers, different foliages and berries. Our very special "treats" are ready-to-enjoy arrangements in wooden crates, which mean you don't need to run around hunting for a suitable vase! We also offer complete wedding flower styling, from the bride's bouquets and boutonnière, to venue dressing and everything in between.
We are also keen to reduce flower waste as much as possible, so we don't have every flower in every colour in stock all the time. Instead, we carefully choose a range of flowers that work best together, with fresh deliveries twice a week.
A word from founder
Hello again! My name is Liza and I have started Flowers Bar STHLM in October 2016. I'm originally from Siberia and have been living in Stockholm since 2012. I travel a lot, love art and nature! I tool my first steps in floral design with amazing Moscow Flower School and Bows&Arrows. What I love the most about working with the flowers is how fragile and powerful these little creatures are. They totally transform the space around and make us smile every time we look at them. It takes a lot of skill to work with flowers and it's a never ending learning! But the best of all, I get to create something different, unique every single day and that's my biggest inspiration!

My vision for Flowers Bar STHLM is to be the most creative, passionate and sustainable flower studio where everybody could easily order a beautiful arrangement that suits theirs mood, personality, and occasion!


Flowers contain so much beauty and character and our mission is not just to savour it in our designs but to enhance it even more! We love making airy arrangements, with many textures and unusual shapes, bringing the best of nature and our creativity to you!

Instead of offering dozens of options, we keep it simple. You pick your price point and colour palette, and we'll take care of the rest.

Seasonally inspired
Our arrangements evolve together with the change of seasons, so you won't be getting or sending the same-old bouquet ;)
Lowest delivery cost
Only 55kr inside the Stockholm's tolls and 75kr for outsie deliveries.
Streamlined Website
No more guessing what can you get for a certain price, or weeding through dozens of similar arrangements, just a few clicks and you're on your way to enjoying the rest of your day!
A happy dance and a smile is our normal routine when you place an order! Nothing less than love!
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