Flowers Bar STHLM

Flowers Bar STHLM is a creative floral design studio. Founded in 2016 and based in Stockholm.
We deliver high impact bouquets and vase arrangements Stockholm wide, host creative floral workshops and deliver full scale floral design for events and weddings.
Whether you're getting flowers for home, setting mood for an event, or buying gift for a loved one, we've got you covered!
Our passion is to enhance natural beauty of flowers - through texture and unexpected color combinations.
Being more digital and not having a front store helps us focus on design and substantially reduce flower waste. We choose not to have every flower in every color in stock all the time. Instead, we carefully choose a range of flowers that work best together, with fresh deliveries twice a week.
Hi, meet Elizaveta, founder of Flowers Bar STHLM
A studio theme, "NOT LAGOM", came quite naturally to me. First of all, I'm coming from Eastern Europe and have my ups and downs with this concept in general :) But also, with the variety of flowers that are available to us today, I felt it was almost wrong to stay within certain rules. So in everything we do at Flowers Bar STHLM, I always focus on individuality, fresh color combinations and uniqueness of flower recipe.

I started Flowers Bar STHLM in 2016 and had no previous experience in flower arranging, but was always looking for creative expression. And eventually flowers became my perfect tools.
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