Flower Care Guide
No secret, fresh flowers bring lots of joy to our everyday life. But also require lots of attention and care! No worries, we got you covered with these easy but important care tips!
Enjoy your flowers and thank us later ;)
Fresh Cut
As soon as you receive your bouquet, take all the paper out and give your stems a fresh 45 degree cut and place it in a suitable vase in a cold water.
Suitable Vase
It shouldn't be too tight or too tall. Make sure there are no leaves or flowers in the water, as it will quickly create a bacteria and shorten the flowers lifetime. If the vase allows, cut the flower tape off to loosen up the stems, so they have more space and air around.
Fresh Cold Water
Yeah year, an obvious one, we know, but still the most important one. Change water every day, wash the vase and always cut the stems a little bit before placing it back.
Danger Zones
How nice is to put the flowers on a dining table next to a beautiful plate with fruits. NO NO NO. Fruits emit a gas called ethylene which can cause cut flowers to age more rapidly, making them more susceptible to wilting and withering before their time. Another one is a direct sunlight, not a problem in Stockholm though heh, or a heat (from cooking or a TV).
Take Away
Unless you buy a bunch of same flowers, your blooms will age with different speed. Some will stay fresh longer, some, unfortunately, will wither faster. If you notice some of the flowers getting tired, take it out from the vase, as it will start creating a bacteria in the water.
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