Creative Workshop with an open date
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We say "less stuff, more experiences"! So here is a Gift Certificate for our creative workshops!

After you complete the check out, we will send a certificate to your email for a specific name, so you can then send it personally to your special one ;) The registration is with an open date and valid for one year, so the participant can choose which workshop she or he would like to join and just email us! Perfect gift, right?

The fee fully covers our Bouquet/Wreath workshop, however the certificate holder can join any workshop and just pay for the rest of the amount.

We schedule new workshops on a regular basis and you can check some photos from the previous events on main workshop page or our Instagram

Normally, a workshop takes 1.5-2 hours, we, of course, provide all necessary tools and materials, guidance and refreshments.

Place and time varies for each workshop, but usually it's on Thursday or Saturday, either at our studio or some place in the city ;)
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