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Just as every flower is unique, every bride is too. We build our designs around the natural beauty of flowers and what resonates with each bride to create an event that is beautiful, fresh and special!
We offer complete wedding flower styling - from a bridal bouquet and boutonnière to venue dressing and everything in between.
All our designs are tailored to each couple, so we don't have any "pre-built" packages. We love getting to know our clients better, collaborate creatively and make sure you get professional guidance for all the decisions there are to make. We also can work with your photographer to make sure all the details are captured in the best way.

On your wedding day, we'll be busy onsite, designing and making every detail look pretty both for your guests and the memories you'll keep.
Introduction and diving into the project
First meeting - very special for both sides. Trust and a good dialogue is something we always strive for. Here we get some insight about you individually and as a couple, how you met, your preferences, and other important details. No worries, we'll guide you through :) Your answers will help us to get as close as possible to your vision and hopefully even exceed your expectations!
A few days after the first meeting, we'll send you a draft visual proposal and estimates, along with a simple contract. We like to be transparent, so you'll get a price for every arrangement you have mentioned that you'd like to have. Once everything is confirmed, we ask for a 50% retainer fee as a confirmation for us, and to keep the date booked for you. The balance is due three weeks before the wedding. Here we also schedule a venue visit, if possible, or at least ask for some pictures to get a better understanding.
The Visual Proposal
Usually it's done three months before the event. Here we get more detailed about which florals we intend to use, and create a mood board to get close to the overall feel and vision.
Second meeting
We schedule this meeting about a month or two before the wedding. Here we get very specific, because we are in the same season as the wedding. We prepare a floral board for our bride or take her to the supplier, so she can see the flowers live and give us a final confirmation before we place an order.
The Wedding Day
On the wedding day we will be following the schedule confirmed with you before and will deliver not just the highest quality arrangements but perfect timing too. We also offer a complete tear down service of all arrangements after the event is finished, so you can just enjoy every part without having to worry about it!
We also organise free workshops; Flowers Talk, where we sit down with brides to discuss all the important elements of floral wedding design, along with reams of practical advice on how to prepare and make sure you don't miss a thing.
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