We hold workshops throughout the year, focusing on seasonal themes. At each workshop, we share our freestyle approach to the art of floral arranging. We gather the best ingredients and set the table with all materials needed. Each participant is free to explore the ingredients and in doing so, discover their own personal floral style.
DATE: 28.02.2019
TIME: 16.30-18.30
PLACE: Trubadurvagen 3 (Top floor' inside terrace)
Language: English
Flower arranging is a very special type of art and a great meditation!

Each bloom plays it's own role and all together they create a beautiful centrepiece - for your kitchen table, special event or a gift to someone special!

In this workshop we will create a stand out centrepiece using a more ecological wire method.

At the beginning we will have a lecture about main arranging principles and techniques. Also will touch upon the fine art elements and how to implement it in your arrangement.

And then PRACTICE! But no worries, we are there to help and guide! In the end we will take professional styled photos of each work, carefully pack your arrangement and you will take it home, including the vase and chicken wire base to practice more at home!

You will get all the materials needed, a note book and refreshments! In the end each will get a diploma for a Workshop completion.

Payment via Swish, card or invoice (by request).

Looking forward to start the spring together!
Creative Workshop with an open date
Language: English
We say "less stuff, more experiences"! So now we launch gift certificates for our creative workshops!

The registration is with an open date, so the participant can choose which workshop and when he or she would like to join! Perfect gift, right? After you complete the check out, we will send a "gift" email to you so you can then send it personally to your special one ;)

We schedule new workshops on a regular basis and you can check some photos from the previous events down the page.

Normally, a workshop takes 1.5-2 hours, we ofc provide all necessary tolls and materials, guidance and refreshments.

Place and time varies foe each workshop, but usually it's on Saturday mornings, either at our studio or some place in the city ;)
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